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Our travel situation hasn't always been what you see on our present day Instagram accounts. Prior to meeting one another, our travel experiences weren't necessarily what one would consider "stellar", but we will get to that.

Our current situation is pretty sweet! We get to travel about once a month, which has always been the goal. Most of our trips are domestic & entail long drives in the car to National Parks, deep in conversation about life. About 4-5 times a year, we embark on international adventures (One of which is free, thanks to credit card points). This has been a slow progression, as our travel lifestyle has been hard earned over the last decade. You can learn more about how we did this on the blog.

Traveling in the early stages of our relationship was quite a bit tougher than it is now for a couple reasons, but mainly due to our differences in experiences as travelers prior to meeting. Traveling as a couple takes a lot of teamwork & patience with one another. Travel has only gotten easier on us as couple over the years, thanks to our ability to communicate.

This is where our story splits.

When we met, Ben was entirely jaded by travel, as the extent of it was as a touring drummer for eight years. Ben’s travel was 100% at the mercy of a band schedule he could not control. The band toured across five continents & countless countries, something seemingly desirable. However, tour life is rough. Wakeup calls at 5am, daily international flights, bus rides between countries, obscure venue locations, sound checks, load ins, appearances. He never was able to truly see the places he was in or be present. He often spent 12 hours in a dark venue, then was rushed off to another one in the next country over.

Krissy, on the other, was what we call an “irresponsible” traveler. Her strong desire to see the world dominated her common sense at times. Krissy would scrape up just enough money for a plane ticket, then leave the country with little to no money, keeping her fingers crossed that the foreign acquaintance on Instagram would keep their promise of giving her a couch to sleep on. Beyond that, Krissy’s struggles with drugs & alcohol were still at the forefront in her early days of travel, often putting her in unsafe situations & places.

As you can imagine, both of us would return home feeling fairly defeated by a number of things opposed to feeling fulfilled & enriched as one should feel following a trip.

We are both very thankful for ALL of our travel experiences, as every single one of them has shaped who we are as people through the challenges that came with our previous lifestyles. Krissy realized the sobriety was the missing key to travel. Soon after that, she realized that travel actually plays a crucial role in her sobriety. Ben realized quitting touring was the missing key to travel. Soon after that, everything changed, as we both quickly realized that we were also each other’s lost travel keys all these years.

as photographers

you know about "on the rode" & what you'll find here.
you also know a little bit about us as peoplE.
Let's dive deePEr & share how travel & photo have shaped us over the years.
as OUr individual travel expERIences differ quite greatly.

But let's start with now & work our way back.

As travelers






"I have always appreciated photography. A good picture grabs you and makes you feel something. It just has that power and you can’t explain why. However I spent most of my life looking at photography as some form of wizardry that I was incapable of grasping.
Then I met the love of my life. A year later on a trip to Iceland, she handed me her camera and asked me to take a couple shots of her. Man, they looked like garbage. Hot steamy garbage with flies and stuff. This process kept on for the next couple months until I eventually got tired of blowing it every single time Krissy handed me her camera.
I hit the books hard for a couple weeks in hopes of impressing her with my ability to competently focus on a subject, and was immediately hooked. What started as a means to keep my wife as happy as I could turned into a hobby that I will likely spend the rest of my life enjoying, and enjoying with her.
I love learning new things and new ways of perceiving the world around me and there is a seemingly endless stream of that in the world of photo."

"My interest in photography started early. I was that annoying friend in high school with a disposable camera on me at all times. Because I loved taking pictures so much, I took a landscape photography class in college, which is when I started to develop my eye. My interest in photography was always there, but I was far more interested in partying, especially when I was traveling.
In summer of 2015, I bought a Sony a6000 with the intent to start a YouTube vlog. Well, I hated vlogging (talking into the camera isn't my thing), so the camera sat there for a good 3 months, unused. I absolutely let myself be intimidated by it for a long time.
In January 2016, I took a spontaneous, solo, soul searching photo trip to Europe. It was the first time I fully engulfed myself in travel photography and that is when I first truly fell in love with it. It was also when I stopped caring what people think, and I started posting my photography to Instagram.
Since that trip, I have made photo a staple in every international trip I have taken, always on the hunt for a great shot."

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