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To us, being well traveled means so much more than the numbers. We know people who have been to 15 countries who have traveled more than others who have been to 50. Being well traveled is not staying safely in your 5 star hotel, ordering room service, & drinking over priced cocktails. Being well traveled comes down to experiences while on the road. It comes down to engulfing oneself in foreign culture. It comes down to...

Getting lost in a new place with your camera.
Saying yes to the adventure that the strangers from the beach invite you on.
Watching the sun set over places you'll never see again.
Learning foreign words that you bring home with you.
Riding a bike down a street with a name that you can't pronounce.
Being comfortable driving a stick shift on left side of the road.
Smiling at being woken at the crack of dawn by the call to prayer.
Paying your respects to oldest structures on earth.
The willingness to get up hours before the sun to beat the crowds.
Respecting all religions and their holy places.
Buying groceries in non-english speaking countries.
Being ok with not knowing what day it is... or what time it is.
Seeing the natural beauty of the world, no matter how hard it is to get there.
Night markets. Motorbikes. $5 massages. Street food. Flower markets.
Walking an entire city to burn off calories from all the local food.
Getting on a boat with non-english speakers, unsure of the destination.
Staying calm when your luggage gets lost, because it will at some point.
Being kind to people who are different from you.
leaving no trace when you adventure outside.
decorating your house with things from your travels.

How do we really define WHAT IT MEANS TO BE well trAVELED? IT IS HOW MANY CITIES one has BEEN TOO? COUNTRIES? HOW MANY LUXERY HOTELS YOU HAVE STAYED AT? HOW MANY INFINITY POOLS YOU'VE TAKEN A PICTURE IN? HOW MANY DAYS YOU SPENd AWAY FROM HOME each year? nah. It has little to do with numbers and everything to do with the experiences.

well traveled


got engaged at the glacier lagoon in iceland

watched a fire show on the beach in ko samui, thailand

explored neon night markets of the hong kong kowloon district

climbed up & over table mountain in cape town, South Africa

hiked the westfjords of iceland in the midnight sun

climbed ancient Mayan ruins on the yucatan peniNsula

scaled the steps of the rice terraces in Bali

we know we just said that numbers don't matter, but it's still fun to count when you are an avid passport stamp collector.

A bulk of our travel took place prior to meeting. before we met, we didn't have interest in returning to places. Travel was more of a "checklist" at that point in time, as weren't quite well traveled yet. Since meeting, we find we want to revisit places in order to get to experience them together, with a more appreciative travel mindset, unlike the ones we had years ago.

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number of jails Krissy has been to in a foreign country

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across the united states

the numbers...

ACROSS SIX continents 

Gold is where we have been. silver is where we are yet to explore.

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if you are newer to planning travel, These two travel websites will assist in helping you determine where you can afford to travel to. budgeting is the first step to more frequent travel.

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Photos by Krissy & Ben Harclerode